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  02.Bill Clinton 04[명연설문]
  글쓴이 : wcbooks     날짜 : 16-03-18 11:46     조회 : 10636    
heir Leaves Do Not Wither
훌륭한 사람의 삶은 잎이 시들지 않는 나무와 같다

Yesterday Hillary and I had the privilege of speaking
with some children of other federal employees—children
like those who were lost here. And one little girl said something
we will never forget. She said, we should all plant that tree in
memory of the children. So this morning before we got on the
plane to come here, at the White House, we planted a tree in
honor of the children of Oklahoma. It was a dogwood with its
wonderful spring flower and its deep, enduring roots. It embodies
the lesson of the Psalms—that the life of a good person is
like a tree whose leaf does not wither. My fellow Americans, a
tree takes a long time to grow, and wounds take a long time to
heal. But we must begin. Those who are lost now belong to
God. Some day we will be with them. But until that happens,
their legacy must be our lives.
Thank you all, and God bless you.

은영마마   19-11-28 21:35
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