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  02.Bill Clinton 02 [대통령 명 연설문]
  글쓴이 : wcbooks     날짜 : 16-03-18 11:45     조회 : 8071    
Not for the Freedom with Reckless Abandon
무분별한 자유는 이제 그만

But he would say, I did not live and die to see the
American family destroyed. I did not live and die to see
thirteen-year-old boys get automatic weapons and gun down
nine-year-olds just for the kick of it. I did not live and die to see
young people destroy their own lives with drugs and then build
fortunes destroying the lives of others. That is not what I came
here to do. I fought for freedom, he would say, but not for the
freedom of people to kill each other with reckless abandon, not
for the freedom of children to have children and the fathers of the
children walk away from them and abandon them as if they don’t
amount to anything. I fought for people to have the right to work
but not to have whole communities and people abandoned. This
is not what I lived and died for. My fellow Americans, he would
say, I fought to stop white people from being so filled with hate
that they would wreak violence on black people. I did not fight
for the right of black people to murder other black people with
reckless abandon.

단어와 어구

01 automatic 자동적인 02 weapon 무기 03 gun down 쏴 죽이다
04 kick 재미 05 fortune 부, 많은 재산, 큰 재물 06 reckless abandon 무분별함, 방종 07 amount to …에 해당하다, 상당하다 08 hate 증오
09 wreak (해, 벌 등을)가하다, 주다 10 murder 살인(하다)

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