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  02.Bill Clinton 01 [ 대통령 명 연설문]
  글쓴이 : wcbooks     날짜 : 16-03-18 11:44     조회 : 8552    
Bill Clinton, 그는 누구인가!

베이비 붐 세대인 빌 클린턴은 15세 때, 아칸소주의 우수 학생으로 뽑혀 백악관을 방문하고 J. F. 케네디 대통령과 악수하는 기회를 얻게 된다. 이 때 대통령이 되겠다는 꿈을 꾸지 않았나 추측해본다. 
이 글은 마틴 루터 킹 목사가 마지막으로 설교한 곳인 <The Church of God In Christ In Memphis>에서 1993년 11월 13일 대부분 즉흥적으로 행한 연설이다. 마틴 루터가 다시 나타나서 지난 25년에 대한 성적표를 매긴다면 어떠한 성적을 줄 것인가?라는 등의 표현을 쓰며 거침없는 말솜씨를 보여주고있다.

You Did a Good Job in Opening Opportunity
기회를 열어주었으니 훌륭합니다

If Martin Luther King, who said, “Like Moses, I am on
the mountaintop, and I can see the promised land, but
I’m not going to be able to get there with you, but we will get
there”—if he were to reappear by my side today and give us a
report card on the last twenty-five years, what would he say? You
did a good job, he would say, voting and electing people who
formerly were not electable because of the color of their skin.
You have more political power, and that is good. You did a good
job, he would say, letting people who have the ability to do so
live wherever they want to live, go wherever they want to go in
this great country. You did a good job, he would say, elevating
people of color into the ranks of the United States Armed
Forces to the very top or into the very top of our government.
You did a very good job, he would say. He would say, you did a
good job creating a black middle class of people who really are
doing well, and the middle class is growing more among
African-Americans than among non-African Americans. You
did a good job; you did a good job in opening opportunity.

단어와 어구
01 Moses 모세, 유대 나라의 건국자 02 mountaintop 산 꼭대기, 산정상 03 promised land 약속의 땅 04 reappear 다시 나타나다 05 formerly 전에, 과거에 06 electable 선출될 수 있는 07 elevate 승진시키다, 등용하다, 높이다 08 rank 계급 09 United States Armed Forces 미군 10 middle class 중산층
11 African-American 흑인

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